In 2008 I was invited to join the Emergency Room, which is an art format by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel that can be activated simultaneously in different art institutions of the world. 

It is also an international art movement.

"Emergency Room's heart is a room where non apathetic artists run to express opinions about the emergencies of today, today before it is too late. Artist are THE visuals experts and have statements on fire to exhibit immediately, now, while their comments can have effects.
Critics and remarks are welcome in democracy, but to have pertinence they have to be done in good time. Not in Delay." 

- Thierry Geoffrey/ Colonel

Every day the artists arrive with new works, and the exhibition changes at 12 PM. This is called "The Passage". After hanging their works, the artists explain their 'Emergency' of that day and afterwards fellow artist and the audience debate the different works and emergencies. The works from previous days are exhibited in the Delay Museum surrounding the Emergency Room.

By participating in the Emergency Room exhibitions I try to create art works that promote human rights and deal with political issues that are not being addressed. Sometimes there is not enough time to create long-process, universal, philosophic art works, sometimes the issues must be dealt with today. 
Working with Colonel has been a great addition to what I experience in the traditional "slow" art world and he continues to inspire me to use my art as a platform to reach people and interact with the audience. 
Above you will find pages with the different Emergency Room exhibitions I have participated in.

Emergency Room has been launched in:
Copenhagen: Nikolaj Contemporary 2006
Berlin: Galerie Olaf Stueber 2006
New York: PS1 / MOMA 2007
Athens: Ileana Tounta Gallery 2007
Paris: Galerie Taïss 2008
Naples: PAN 2009

Copenhagen: Gallery Poulsen 2010
Hanoi: University of Fine Art 2009 + 2011
Wroclaw: Europejski Kongres Kultury 2011