It's titled Jeg, mig og min selfie - kunsten at portrættere sig selv (Me, myself and my selfie - the art of portraying

                                                  yourself). It premiered on the Danish channel DR2 on May 2nd, 2021.

                                                  Self portrait, 2021. Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm.

A few years ago I started working on a series of gouache paintings based on other people's selfies. I wanted to explore the selfie culture for many reasons. I have been working with advertisement as a theme in my art for many years, and I was wondering if the selfie culture had made us into products ourselves - rather than just consumers of products. 

Before working on the documentary I saw selfies as mostly a self-absorbed project, which distorts our image of beauty and each other and which is often used to sell a product. And of course that can be a part of it. But I learned that it can also be a lot of other things.

During filming I met a lot of people who use selfies in various ways, e.g. a body activist, a politician, an archeologist, an instagrammer, a political advicer an artist and a former cancer patient. They all had their individual views on selfies and how to use them. Learning about their perspectives has been fun, inspiring and touching.

During all this I was also painting a self portrait for the first time. This sparked a lot of thoughts about how I see myself as a person and as an artist. The self portrait made me evaluate my artistic practice and made it clear to me in which direction to move in next with my work.

Top row from the left: Jane Fejfer, Line Simone Pedersen, Majbritt Engell.

Bottom row from the left: Peter Carlsen, Ida Rud.